Spend your lunch hour at the Goodhue County History Center for their monthly free lunchtime program! Attendees are encouraged to bring a lunch with them while they soak up stories. All programs begin at noon. Space is limited to 60 people.

Women and Activism will look at several unsung African American leaders from the 1950s and 60s Civil Rights Movement. Through these leaders, we will examine women’s leadership in the nonviolent, armed self-defense, and Black Power movement. We can also find lessons for how women can lead effectively today.

Dr. Selika Ducksworth Lawton is currently a Professor of history at University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. Dr. Ducksworth-Lawton is a specialist in Twentieth-Century African American Military, National Security, and Civil Rights History. She works in the intersection of race, national security, civil rights, and protest. She earned her PhD in 1994 from Ohio State University in 20th Century military and African American History.

This History Break is sponsored by a private donor.
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