Jerry Kosak with Gary Raynor at Hobgoblin Music: April 20

Jerry will be performing 2 sets of acoustic guitar music. The first will be solo guitar and the second set will feature bassist Gary Raynor. Gary was a mainstay with The Guys All-Star Shoe Band on A Prairie Home Companion. The second set will consist of Jerry playing his 1928 National Tricone accompanied by Gary on upright bass. They will perform Blues and R&B tunes that Jerry usually performs with his trio Blues Contraption.


Jerry Kosak is guitarist/musician living in Saint Paul, MN. His musical journey began over 35 years ago and continues to flourish, with (each new recording of original music for solo guitar) the release of his third recording of original music for solo guitar. He has incorporated every new stylistic turn presented along the way into his playing and composing.


His passion of listening, studying, and performing continues to produce “a great reflection of many different styles” according to Kevin Barnes of KBEM Jazz 88. As a performer, Jerry is equally comfortable with an acoustic, nylon string, electric, or resonator in his hands. In addition to his performing as an acoustic guitar soloist, his projects have included Are You Experienced? (Jimi Hendrix 40th Anniversary Tribute), The String Trio (string band and early blues), as well as his current trio, Blues Contraption (funky slide guitar, bass, and cajon).


Having received a Bachelor of Music in Guitar Performance and a Master of Music in Musicology/Guitar Performance, Jerry is also right at home teaching guitar or music history at the college/university level. From 2007 through 2010, Jerry served as Head of the Guitar Department at McNally Smith College of Music. What sets Jerry apart is his versatility. Because he regularly performs, composes, and teaches in all styles – roots and blues, rock, classical, and jazz – he has developed the authentic musical vocabulary of each. Dedication to and study of the wider continuum of music has enabled him to develop his own unique voice as a player and composer.

For more information, call 651-388-8400.