Friday the 13th No Gala Gala – Friends of the Sheldon

October 13, 2017 @ 12:00 pm
The Sheldon Theatre
443 West 3rd Street
Red Wing, MN 55066
The Sheldon Theatre
Friday the 13th No Gala Gala - Friends of the Sheldon @ The Sheldon Theatre | Red Wing | Minnesota | United States

You are cordially invited to
The Friends of the Sheldon
Friday the 13th ‘No Gala’ Gala

Thank you for supporting the Arts in Red Wing & Thank you for STAYING HOME on the 13th!!!

100% of your fully tax-deductible gift goes to support the Sheldon in their efforts to educate, entertain and enlighten our community and beyond!

We need your help, but given the unfortunate date of the event, want you to avoid bad luck & STAY HOME!!! (not that we’re superstitious or anything)

Instead, make a donation for what you normally spend at a typical fundraiser.

We know you’re disappointed, but think of it this way…

No Raffle Tickets $25
No Rubbery Chicken $50
No Babysitter $75
No New Dress $125
No Silent Auction $200
No Limousine $250
No Live Auction Uh-oh’s $500
No Bad Luck Priceless!

Simply click here and purchase tickets TODAY!

Questions? Call 651.388.8713 or email An acknowledgement of your purchase will be mailed to you.

Tickets will be held at your door. Thanks again for not coming…we REALLY appreciate it!